Benny Greb's Clinic

Domenica 08 Aprile 2018, inizio ore 15:30 - Drum&noise Studio, Losone

Benny Greb^s Clinic

Domenica 8 aprile presso Drum&Noise studio vicolo Canaa 18 6616 Losone CH

La clinic è aperta a batteristi e a musicisti in generale con età superiore ad anni 10

info telefono 078 634 88 19
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Benny Greb – Clinician and Educator
When he moved to Hamburg to start his music studies at university, he had already become so accomplished as a drummer that high-profile drum and percussion manufacturers approached him for clinic appearances. His cooperation with Sonor and Meinl finally led to endorsement deals after Greb offered ideas and suggestions for new products. Since then, there is a number of signature products available, for instance a Sonor snare drum, a Meinl cymbal set and a set of drum sticks for Vic Frith. Apart from that, he was booked again and again for clinics to present new products and to pass on his knowledge.

It soon became apparent that Greb wasn’t just an excellent musician but also very good at sharing his insights with other drummers, helping them to refine their own craft. At his gig at the Montreal Drum Festival in 2005, he caught the eye and ear of Rob Wallis from the New York based label Hudson Music. Wallis offered Greb his support to put together a book and a tuition DVD to make his knowledge available to drummers worldwide.

By now, Greb is firmly established as an educator: his drum camps, the so-called “Benny Greb Master Sessions”, are taking place all over the world, in New York, Tokio or Singapore, and attract drummers from all over the world interested in improving their groove, strengthening their technical skills or simply finding new inspiration.

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08/04/2018 ore 15:30

Benny Greb's Clinic